1. Community-driven

Totally Renewable Beechworth (TRB) is a community energy initiative with the goal to localise and democratise renewable energy supply. Engagement is welcomed and membership is open and affordable to everyone in Beechworth and the 3747 region.

2. Representative

By legal structure (as an Incorporated Association) and objective (100% renewable energy by 2030) we want our membership and governance to be as inclusive and democratic as possible whilst remaining effective.

3. Flexible engagement
Community members are able to contribute time and/or money to further our objectives. We welcome short to long term and/or project based participation.

Membership levels

TRB has only one level of member, whereas incorporated associations often use different membership levels. Members may take a place on a subcommittee (which may be ongoing or project based) or be elected onto the Management Committee. This does not preclude the option to engage supporters in fundraising or projects, or at a later date to include associate members.