Our vision is for Beechworth and the 3747 region to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Our role is to promote and support the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency to benefit the natural environment and the social and economic wellbeing of the Beechworth community.

Download the strategic plan as PDF (984 kB)

Our drivers

  • Decarbonise energy supply to
    reduce greenhouse gas
    emissions and mitigate climate
  • Decentralise and localise energy
    supply to maximise renewable
    energy generation, and increase
    reliability and affordability of
  • Democratise energy supply
    through community inclusion and
  • Demonstrate that clean energy
    technologies work and a low
    carbon future is possible

How we do this

  • Assess opportunity, benefits
    and risks
  • Inform our community of
    technical, economic and social
  • Enable the community to take
    evidence-based action and
    participate in collaborative
  • Advocate for energy measures
    and policies that benefit the
  • Learn and leverage from the
    knowledge and experience of others

Areas of action

  • Report progress towards our 100% renewable energy target
  • Increase community owned renewable energy generation, storage and use
  • Facilitate the transition to electric vehicles
  • Support community owned energy retailers
  • Advocate for energy policy and distribution system changes to support renewable energy generation and use
  • Support the Indigo Shire Council to achieve its zero-carbon emission target
  • Keep our community informed and seek feedback and support from the community